Paint The Rock

The Rock

Paint The Rock

Do you want to do something special for your child, recognizing a special occasion or accomplishment? You can tell them how proud you are by painting it on the Spirit Rock for everyone in the school to see.

* Reservations MUST be made to paint the Rock. We request that a $5 donation (to support the PTA)  be placed in the donation box in the school office in advance.

* All individuals must supply their own paint.

* The Spirit Rock may not be reserved for consecutive days, except in order to promote specific school functions.

* Once reserved, you will have the Rock for 24 hours, from 5:00 PM the day BEFORE, to 5 pm the day of your reservation. Painting may take place anytime within those 24 hours.

(Example, if your child’s birthday is September 12th, and you want him to arrive at school that day to see the rock, you reserve September 12th on the Sign Up Genius. You can begin painting The Rock on September 11th at 5:00 pm. The person who has reserved September 13th can begin painting the rock on September 12th at 5:00 pm. We need everyone to cooperate with this rule in order to keep a functioning system.)

* ONLY the Rock may be painted. DO NOT paint the sidewalk, bench, flagpole, building, grass or any other material surrounding the Rock. The individual or group will be held financially responsible for cleaning and/or repair costs associated with violation of this policy.

*Anyone painting the Rock must leave the area in clean condition. Remove all paint materials and litter from the site and be sure the paint is disposed of properly.

* The individual or group painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured and/or incur clothing or other personal property damage.

*Spirit Rock paintings MUST be in good taste. The individual or group MUST obey all rules as outlined in the CMS Code of Conduct – Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Character Development Handbook.

*ETES Staff will regularly monitor the Spirit Rock to ensure that paintings fall within the above established guidelines. ETES has the right to remove any painting deemed inappropriate.

*By reserving a date, you agree to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.


Some tips for painting the rock.

• The most popular paint to use is to spray paint. You will probably need 2 cans for a good base coat (more if your base coat is white). Please note that, latex paint and paint that is rolled on will take several hours to dry, as opposed to spray paint, which dries in several minutes.

Amount of Spray Paint Suggested:
The shape, size and texture of the rock surface various from rock-to-rock. Below, are suggestions that can be used to give you an approximation as to the amount of spray paint that you will need.

2 Cans of base spray paint to cover previous message (Double this if your base coast is White).
Dependent upon the # of colors you want used in your message, a minimum of 1 can is needed if you elect to paint your message in one color.
Please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans!